Cymatics Experiments- Deaf Music / by Dimitri Hadjichristou

So two posts ago, I explained what I was working on for my final year design projects; one of them being designing a musical device that aids in experiencing music for young children with hearing impairment. In the post I mentioned that I had stumbled upon the work of Nigel Stanford and his cymatics experiments and how my final outcome would to an extent be indicative of his work (if you haven't seen it check it out, it's great!).

Part of my project is exploring ways in which you can experience music visually, which is where cymatics comes into play. In his experiments Nigel works looks at how the vibrations of sound from a speaker affects water in a petri dish, resulting in quite a beautiful visual. Over the weekend I was looking into this and trying to see what other sorts of materials I could use to see how sound affected them. I did a few experiments with things like- cous cous, jelly, cornstarch, custard, oil, skittles etc... I've uploaded a video below for you to see some of the results. Hopefully you enjoy it!

*Turn down the volume on your headphones, the music is quite loud!

Thanks for reading!