Card Modelling- Elderly Multimedia Telecom Device / by Dimitri Hadjichristou

Hello! Back again, with a new post. Everything is quite busy at the moment with Mid-Semester Reviews soon but I decided to do another quick post of some card models I recently did. As part of design development I have produced three models to present to an elderly user testing group based in Edinburgh. Each design has a slightly different physical interface which changes the ways in which you interact with each. 

To prototype these I used 2.5 mm corrugated card, so cheap; £1.60 for an A1 sheet! I highly recommend when starting out with a design to use this material as it can save you a lot of money before moving onto blue foam which is a lot more expensive. These are just to get dimensions and basic shapes, foam will be my next means for exploring the nitty-gritty details. I drew out the templates and had them laser cut, sticking them together with p.v.a glue and finally spraying them white which was a nice touch. 

These models are different options for a multimedia telecommunications device for the elderly to video chat with family abroad, this meant there needs to be a screen incorporated into the design. My focus group liked the idea of the design being compact i.e. the screen isn't always present, so the screen folds down similar to a laptop. I put dowelling in to make that possible for these but will have to figure out a better and cleaner way to do it in future models.

Anyways, hope this post was insightful and you like what I'm working on at the moment! New posts coming soon!