Inspired by Seymour Papert’s Logo Graphics we teamed up with Carioca, an Italian pen & marker manufacturer to create the 'Colouring Pack'. I was assigned the task of design & manufacture of the doodle band; an elastic band for attaching markers onto Cubetto allowing the user to draw and colour with code!
2012-11-30 11.38.59.jpg
 Digital Afterlife looks speculatively at death in the context of social networking, how can we preserve our memories after we pass? The final concept consists of an interface and "heirloom". Through the means of Google glass and wearable tech, continuous streams of photographs known as "moments" are taken, the wearable tech quantitatively calculates feelings of enjoyment helping determine which to keep. Via the interface the user accesses these photographs, accessing information and annotating them through voice memos, these "moments" are streamed to the heirlooms which are inherited by a selected group of close family and friends. These inheritors are then able to access the personalized moments and rate their favourites to create the perfect memory.